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Welcome to daily reports, thanks to which you will be able to stay in touch with us and get fresh news on counting migratory birds over Vistula Spit. Every day we will report to you outcomes and our impressions and we will attach some nice photos. Enjoy!

Day Ninety

The auks didn?t mind the idyll and tranquility by the sea, and 270 of them migrated East.

On the vantage point the numer of raptors shrinked to 55. The most interesting raptor was an adult Peregrine, there were also 24 sparrowhawks, 15 hen harriers, 15 common buzzards, 1 Rough-legged Buzzard. It was a beautiful, owly night. Conditions were ideal for catching and ringing owls however they appeared only in numer of 2 long-eared owls and to our great surprise 1 Barn Owl. It was hardly second of this bird in the season! Birds observed by: Martina Grala, Dawid Kilon and Piotr Zientek.

Czeczotka - Foto: Piotr Zientek - Aparat: Canon D50, 400 5.6 / Redpoll - Photo: Piotr Zientek - Camera: Canon D50, 400 5.6




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