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Welcome to daily reports, thanks to which you will be able to stay in touch with us and get fresh news on counting migratory birds over Vistula Spit. Every day we will report to you outcomes and our impressions and we will attach some nice photos. Enjoy!

Day Ninety Three

The last day of counting is over. The counting season of 2013 is a history now.

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Day Ninety Two

The one but last day of counting left us disillusioned.

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Day Ninety One

Not only time but also strong western wind made us believe it will be busy on the tower today.

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Day Ninety

It was incredibly cold in the morning.

It was more windy and frosty with every hour. Sun came out only for a moment. We observed what follows: sparrow hawk: 42, common buzzard: 8, hen harrier: 5, woodpigeon: 88, stock dove: 5, jackdow: 45, hooded crow: 117, rook: 112 and 2 snow buntings.
Counted courageously by: Michał Wawirowicz, Marzena Kos, Dagmara Łakomy, Jacek Wyrwał, Romek Kubacki, Sylwek Lisek and Bernd Martenczyk from Germany.

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Krogulec / Sparrowhawk - Foto / Photo: Michał Wawirowicz


Bielik / White-tailed Eagle - Foto / Photo: Michał Wawirowicz


Gawron / Rook - Foto / Photo: Michał Wawirowicz

Day Eighty Nine

Today we watched only migrating clouds and a nut rolling round the tower.

Divers, whooper swans, Collared Dove from Piaski and 6 swallows carrying joyful greetings from Russia lifted our spirits.
Counted by: Karolina "Inżynier" Radosz, Katarzyna "Koszykarka" Jasnosz, Teresa ?Złotawa? Kozakiewicz, Dawid "Szwed" Panasiuk, Krzysztof "z pod Tyńca" Ostrowski, Tomasz "Bambus" Maszkało.

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Myszołów / Common Buzzard - Foto / Photo: Teresa Kozakiewicz


Myszołów włochaty / Rough-legged Buzzard - Foto / Photo: Teresa Kozakiewicz


Błotniak zbożowy / Hen Harrier - Foto / Photo: Teresa Kozakiewicz


Łabędzie krzykliwe / Whooper swans - Foto / Photo: Teresa Kozakiewicz

Day Eighty Eight

The weather indulged us.

The sun was shining, it was warm and pleasant under the blue sky, just a light wind?Hawaii:) 84 hen harriers?that?s it.
Counted by: Karolina "Inżynier" Radosz, Katarzyna "Koszykarka" Jasnosz, Teresa ?Złotawa? Kozakiewicz, Dawid "Szwed" Panasiuk, Krzysztof "z pod Tyńca" Ostrowski, Tomasz "Bambus" Maszkało, Wojtek "z wielką lufą" Miłosz.

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Krogulec / Sparrowhawk - Foto / Photo: Dawid Panasiuk


 Myszołów / Common Buzzard - Foto / Photo: Dawid Panasiuk


Błotniak zbożowy / Hen Harrier - Foto / Photo: Dawid Panasiuk

Krzysztof Ostrowski-blotniak zbozowy-10.11.2013

 Błotniak zbożowy / Hen Harrier - Foto / Photo: Krzysztof Ostrowski

Day Eighty Seven

It all started with the rain.

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Day Eighty Six

Despite it is the warmest November since we remember, it is getting colder and sometimes it is simply hard to stay on the Pirate such long hours.

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Day Eighty Four

As for November it was rather warm, however cloudy and gloomy.

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Day Eighty Three

Today it was a beautiful Autumn day. However top of migration of hen harriers was just a memory, today only 3 birds.

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