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Welcome to daily reports, thanks to which you will be able to stay in touch with us and get fresh news on counting migratory birds over Vistula Spit. Every day we will report to you outcomes and our impressions and we will attach some nice photos. Enjoy!

Day Eighty Three

From the morning the whole tower was shrouded in mist, consequently the visibility was none.

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Day Eighty Two

Foggy November has entered Drapolicz?s tower. Today we admired the show of light and shadow. Starring: clouds, sun and the sea.

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Day Eighty One

From the very morning the weather didn?t encourage to migrations nor observing it.

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Day Eighty

The day was promising at the beginning. Hen harriers attacked with full force, sparrowhawks also flew and the sky covered with bullfinches and waxwings.

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Day Seventy Nine

The sun was shining today, light clouds in the sky and it looked really nice, however the southern wind was strong and threatening  and we were a bit  scared we would be blown away together with our tower.

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