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Welcome to daily reports, thanks to which you will be able to stay in touch with us and get fresh news on counting migratory birds over Vistula Spit. Every day we will report to you outcomes and our impressions and we will attach some nice photos. Enjoy!

Day Forty Seven

After a few pretty nice days, today the air traffic is decidedly smaller. We observed over a dozen sparrowhawks, 3 adult peregrines, another juvenile Honey Buzzard, a few jays and pigeons.

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Day Forty Six

The best day in this season so far. Beautiful weather was a great scene for willingly migrating birds.

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Day Forty Five

Today there was a bit less birds than yesterday. Over 80 sparrowhawks, a few common buzzards, a Honey Buzzard, hobbies, one Merlin, one Peregrine, a Hen Harrier and a Marsh Harrier.

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Day Forty Four

There is a lof of larks, chaffinches and tits in the sky. Flocks of geese are heard from the distance more often than in previous days.

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Day Forty Three

We loved the weather! It was clear and sunny all day long. There were many passerines in the sky. Larks, chaffinches, tits and many more interesting birds like a few groups of tree sparrows or a Serin and a Swift were flying.

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Day Forty Two

Chaffinches welcomed us in the morning and dominated the sky today. Goldcrests and tits were playing in trees? crowns. Still a lot of swallows.

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Day Forty One

Wind became gentle and sun came out, but it didn?t cause raptors to fly as we would like. Nevertheless jays did. They migrated individually and in flocks counting up to several dozens.

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Day Forty

There was a storm at Baltic Sea today. At one place (the tower) it was taking away the hope and enthusiasm and at another it was doing the opposite ? praising and bringing rarities.

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Day Thirty Nine

Today is the first day of astronomical autumn. And so it was on the tower. The southwest wind was blowing strongly over our heads and heavy clouds were foreshadowing rain, which fortunately didn?t come.

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Day Thirty Eight

Even before we reached the tower, we counted 8 sparrowhawkas, which only whetted our appetites for what will be happening  later. It wasn?t like a dream coming true, but all in all 140 raptors flew, and we had 17 guests on the tower.

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