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Welcome to daily reports, thanks to which you will be able to stay in touch with us and get fresh news on counting migratory birds over Vistula Spit. Every day we will report to you outcomes and our impressions and we will attach some nice photos. Enjoy!

Day Forty Seven

We expected a breakthrough instead we got a typical day.

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Day Forty Six

The weather changed finally to a nice one and many more birds flew comparing to previous days.

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Day Forty Five

The day was marked by passing rainfalls and strong wind

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Day Forty Four

Wind blew away the rain.

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Day Forty Three

This day toughened us up!

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Day Forty Two

The weather wasn't perfect for migration.

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Day Forty One

Exodus of geese and chaffinches shadowed migration of 12 raptors.

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Day Forty

The sea is stormy consequently more gulls than raptors by the tower...

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Day Thirty Nine

In the morning we were welcomed by the cloudy and rainy weather.

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Day Thirty Eight

Raptors, as they have it in their custom this year, didn't fly.

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