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Welcome to daily reports, thanks to which you will be able to stay in touch with us and get fresh news on counting migratory birds over Vistula Spit. Every day we will report to you outcomes and our impressions and we will attach some nice photos. Enjoy!

Day Seventy

Weather became bearable again and birds started to fly.

Strong southwestern wind made raptors travel in lower passages which cheered up the observers who were lately used to see birds from bigger distances on a cloudy sky. It is not the end of sparrowhawks yet, as they reached another peak, today 404 birds were observed over the tower. Besides sparrowhawks 33 hen harriers, 5 merlins, over 20 buzzards including rough-legged buzzards. Corvids flying is no wonder, but woodpigeons also don't give up and we counted another 4000 of them. A flock of great white egrets was a nice accent today, especially that it was 60 of them, 10 birds more than in previous days of this season.

Birds counted by: Antek Marczewski, Staszek Łubieński, Teresa Kozakiewicz, Tomek Kułakowski, Robert Karpowicz, Piotr Nagórski i Magda Hadwiczak.

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Błotniak zbożowy, samiec / Hen Harrier, male - Foto / Photo: Tomek Kułakowski


Błotniak zbożowy, samica / Hen Harrier, female - Foto / Photo: Tomek Kułakowski



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